Kryptex design team as a track record of more than 300 projects


A workshop in Saint-Etienne, France and one in Montreal


Embedded electronics, augmented reality, virtual reality


Our decorators are passionate magicians 

Who are we?

An international multidisciplinary team

Kryptex is the merger or in Montréal with ex team members of Eludice in Saint-Etienne (France)

What our clients ask from us…

Or team of project managers, game designers, electricians, automation specialists, FX ingenieurs, decorators, wood-workers and graphic designers help you
bring your crasiest ideas to life.

Escape room

We put maximal effort and creativity into turning your ideas into a unique design and decline it in the whole escape room!


Mmechanisms, decor sets, accessories, we can design and build everything you want to improve your clients experience

Escape boxes

A real escape game in a reduce space that you can move. We design, build and decorate a tailored escape box


We turn a museum, a railway station, a castle or a company into an escape adventure for a single event or as a long term produc for your clients

Our values

Our value define how we act with our clients, employees and partners


We create permanently, with everybody; we listen and talk a lot, we have a great work ethic


Frugal inovation is based on inclusivity, flexibility and ecology We create in a limited resources world. We respect our environment and use everybody’s skillset.


We are unstoppable. Difficulty is a source of motivation We like to compete, especially against ourselves We exceed expectations and improve with every new project


Every success belongs to the team. We listen to our clients and co-workers, we are humble and take care of each other. We respect our differences

Why should you choose us?

We are a canadian leader in the escape room industry. We know the challenges you meet everyday with your team, we know what maintenance means…


Our team has designed, built and installed more than 300 escape room projects.


20 highly skilled expert whose unique goal is to find the touch of magic that turns a project into a great client experience

Game design

Game design, scenography, we know the best professionnal solutions to create incredible games and stunning decors. Your clients will remember their experience for ever

Project management

The project manager is dedicated to you. We will make sure all resources contribute to your project quality while keeping the timeline and budget under control

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